Ready to Expand Your Space?

Ready to Expand Your Space?

Trust RKC Construction Corp for home additions in Warren, NJ

Whether you're outgrowing your home's four walls or just looking for a new way to spruce up an old space, home additions are always a great solution. RKC Construction Corp specializes in home additions to add more functional space to your home. They're more cost-effective than moving and they help you customize your existing home to be beautiful and bright.

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We have experience in all types of additions

The remodeling contractor at RKC Construction has experience in all types of home additions. We know how to expand your home by adding:

  • Sunrooms: additional living rooms with a secluded feel
  • Garage conversions: making your garage a functional space with a solid wall
  • Room additions & bump-outs: adding more square footage to your existing space
  • Conventional house additions: easily blended multi-room structures added to the side of our house
If you're ready to add more space and functionality to your home, call on the expert remodeling contractor of Warren, NJ.